At Majo we are dedicated to bringing the best quality piping at the very best prices. All our land drainage and twin wall pipes are manufactured to comply with BS Standard 4962/1989 and are also quality tested to BBA specifications and are constantly tested on site to ensure consistency and quality.

The BBA has awarded Certification to the company named above for the products described herein. These products have been assessed by the BBA as being fit for their intended use provided they are installed, used and maintained as set out in this Certificate.

BBA Technical Approval For Construction Certification

HAPAS Certificate 18/H285 – This Certificate relates to Majo Plastics Twin Wall HDPE 150 mm to 600 mm Pipes and Couplers, a range of high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and polypropylene couplers for use as filter and carrier pipes in highway drainage for the collection and disposal of surface and sub-surface water.



  • factors relating to compliance with HAPAS requirements
  • factors relating to compliance with Regulations where applicable
  • independently verified technical specification
  • assessment criteria and technical investigations
  • design considerations
  • installation guidance
  • regular surveillance of production


Strength — the products have adequate strength to resist loads associated with installation and service (see section 6).

Performance of joints — the products will remain watertight under normal service conditions (see section 7).

Maintenance — the products may be cleaned using standard techniques (see section 10).

Durability — the products will have a service life in excess of 50 years (see section 11).

Technical Specification